Top things to do in Chamonix in the winter

We shortlist the best things to do in Chamonix in the winter. There are many other attractions that are worth to be seen in our great skiing resort.

Aiguille Du Midi

A Chamonix must do is to take The Aiguille du Midi cable car thatleaves from the centre of Chamonix Town. There is a restaurant at the top of the Aiguille du Midi which is one is one of the highest restaurants in the world, with amazing regional food as well as a cafeteria. Definitely worth to be seen !

Step in the void
This is a glass skywalk at the top of the Aigulle du Midi, at more than 3840 mts above the level of the see, the highest attraction in Europe. Vertigo sufferers shall not vivit it ! A glass box has been installed on this Chamonix peak, and you can enjoy a real amazing experience.

Chamonix historic center
Chamonix is a really nice city and its setting, with great mountains surrounding it, is just amazing. During the winter, under the snow, it looks like a giant piece of cake. It features many bars and restaurants. It is located in the French Alps, so the food is as amazing. It goes without saying that as an attraction to people used to fine resturants, Megeve lives up to a reputation of taste and refinement with great contemporary and traditional cuisines. The town is busy and has lively nightlife with an amazing range of shops, and for those looking for a more relaxing atmosphere there is a cinema, a bowling alley, an ice rink and a large sports centre with an indoor pool.
The Chamonix casino is perfect for a night out. The casino has slot machines and it also offers games such as Roulette, or Black Jack .

Winter walking in Chamonix
Chamonix has many kms of marked footpaths. Walkers can also use the chairlifts for access to the footpaths.

The vallee blanche
As the most famous off-piste ski run in the world, the Vallee Blanche features a 18km journey with 2800m of vertical descent through some of the worlds most stunning mountain scenaries. This great ski journey can be undertaken in a short day by skiers of suitable ability. A descent of the Vallee Blanche is often the highlight of a ski trip to Chamonix and will provide a truly memorable experience.

Chamonix skiing
Chamonix hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and has re-emerged in the last 20 years as the capital of all-mountain skiing. Despite its reputation for steep runs and extreme off-piste terrain, the Chamonix Valley has 155kms of piste for any level of skiing. Beginners can ski at Le Tour or Les Houches. Intermediate skiers can enjoy the long slopes of La Flegere and the Brevent. The Grands Montets offers the ultimate skiing experience for more experienced skiers. Chamonix is also home to the Vallee Blanche, probably the most famous off-piste run down over the glaciers that descend from the Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc
The Mont Blanc also called, Monte Bianco, is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest peak in Europe outside of the Caucasus range. Obviously, a classic in Chamonix that you will see from downtown Cham if you cannot climb it !

You don’t ski ? – don’t worry: you can enjoy a massage
There are many, many things to do in Chamonix. There are antique stores, art galleries, an ice rink, an indoor pool, and you can also pamper yourself with one of our amazing massages ! Massage Chamonix brings you same-day massages, at your hotel, or at your home. Enjoy our home demand massage in Chamonix.

Why you should get massages with essential oils during your stay at CHamonix

essential oilFollowing the basic principles of universal precautions , essential oils are easy to incorporate into basic vegetable oils to create aromatic massage oils. Essential oils result from the distillation of plants. They contain highly concentrated aromatic molecules that are used diluted in vegetable oils to provide basic massages, generally in small quantities.

Depending on the objective and according to the properties of each essential oil, there are various possibilities to combine the benefits of massage and the virtues of aromatherapy. External application via massage is indeed one of the best forms of absorption of essential oils for massage : that allows the rapid diffusion of the active ingredients of essential oils in the body, facilitating their absorption through the skin. The aromatic massage can be preventive and even therapeutic or simply relaxing and soothing care. Massages have a holistic impact, they affect our physical well-being, psychological and emotional. The aromatic massage affects the energy level of the body by promoting the elimination of toxins. For athletes, massage helps tone muscles by increasing oxygenation and allowing, for example , the removal of lactic acid source aches after a day of skiing.

The numerous organic essential oils produced in our beautiful region of the Alps are of exceptional quality with a large range of properties and incomparable flavors. The morning before you leave for skiing, a tonic aromatic massage with essential oils such as linalool thyme or rosemary helps waking up the body: you will start the day with energy and vitality. The evening after a day practicing sports in the Alps, a massage with relaxing oils (like lavender) is a great help for relaxation and sleep. The back massage especially helps to release muscles and to be relaxed as it is done along the column which has many nerves. The leg massage is performed from the ankle to the thigh to relieve venous problems and cellulite with detoxifying oils for venous and lymphatic circulation. The essential oils used are cypress and clary sage for women. For athletes, essential oils like lavender, or juniper and rosemary do favor muscle relaxation.

Massage oils are prepared according to the purpose of the massage but the more fluid is the vegetable oil carrier used, the easier absorption of the essential oil is. At Massage Chamonix, we do use organic vegetable oils and first cold pressing f or an optimal absorption of the essential oils and to get a healthy, beautiful skin.