Prices of our massages in Chamonix

We price our services as competitively as possible. We’re convinced we offer outstanding value for money. Prices vary depending  on the length and type of massage.

We strive to bring the best massage experience possible. Our dependable therapist arrives on time to establish a customized quality massage that is specific to your needs.

What we charge

Prices for a 30 min session start at 45 €. Please call Anne to book your massage now. Tel 06 80 96 13 52.

We only use organic vegetable and essential oils, which are free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients and are gorgeously pleasurable to use.

30 mn60 mn90 mn120 mn
Muscle relaxation45 € (cabin only)80 €110 €150 €
Tonic massage50 € (cabin only)85 €120 €160 €

Book your massage

There are two ways to book your massage with (call 00 33 6 80 96 13 52 from abroad)

Choose your massage

De-stress and unwind during our massages. You will soothe your body and mind, transporting you to a tranquil state of relaxation.
Choose from our list the massage of your dreams.
We do not offer medical, para-medical or therapeutic massages.